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InfoWorld Membership Systems, LLC. provides quality business solutions, IT consulting services, and systems integration. We provide a variety of services to the business world where our customers represent a cross section of the marketplace. We serve small to large companies, non-profit, for-profit, and government agencies alike.
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Alchemy, by OpenText, A Trusted Archive Solution


Alchemy gives organizations the power to manage all of their fixed content(including images, faxes, email, MS Office docs, PDFs and computer reports) to drive revenue, cut costs and meet compliance goals.


 Alchemy provides an integrated and scalable set of tools that are easy to deploy and even easier to use and can grow with an organization's needs. It has modules for capture, document management, archiving, records management, integration, retrieval and distribution and is a fraction of the cost to acquire and deploy when compared to enterprise content management suites.


Top Five Reasons to Go Paperless with Alchemy® Document Management In a typical office, the majority of documents still exist in paper form. Examples include contracts, invoices, statements, reports and technical documentation. There are five major challenges facing the organization that are related to managing this content:


  1. Lost or misplaced information Knowledge workers spend three-and-a-half hours weekly searching for information that is never found and three hours a week recreating that lost content. Information overload Knowledge workers spend more than 27 hours a week searching, gathering and analyzing information.
  2. Paper documents are left out because they are not well organized.
  3. Inefficient business processes Just one example: It costs more than $50 on average to process and manage a paper invoice.
  4. Compliance issues Organizations are under more pressure than ever before to manage documents for compliance and risk-reduction purposes.
  5. Lack of integration with other applications CRM, ERP, HR, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), claims processing, health information systems, etc.—All of these applications need fast and accurate access to archived content contained in paper documents, but it is inaccessible.
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